At Cipriani Limited, we are embarking on an ambitious and groundbreaking initiative that aims to redefine urban living on a global scale. Through strategic partnerships, our vision is to create the largest 3D smart city community
in Africa and the world, spanning an impressive 600 to 1000 hectares of innovative and sustainable land development. This is expected to include our first of its kind Sports University. Central to this visionary project is
our groundbreaking platform, the design hub reality tv show. Through this unique platform, we are revolutionizing the way building designs emerge and
come to life. The convergence of 3D printing technology,
creativity, and community engagement is set to reshape
the landscape of urban development
Innovative Solution
A Building Solutions Company renown for creating a greener planet through innovation and operational excellence
Fast & Reliable
The sub and super 3D print structure can be built within a few days compared to several weeks from conventional method
3D Printing
Moulding of structure by placing volumes of materials in sequential layer on top of each other from the ground up.
Cost Effective
Increased efficiency throughout the construction process translates to using less materials

Cipriani Limited is a Sectorial member of the reform initiative under the Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development as part of Mr. President’s renewed hope Agenda


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The Printer head is equipped with unique laser system controlling printing & extrusion
The Human Machine Interface has been design to provide the operator with easy operations
Cipriani is in partnership with Lafarge Africa PLC and COBOD to develop 3D printing technology
COBOD Printer has been used to develop storey buildings around the world.

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